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Our lesson in church today was about personal finances. I’m enjoying it. Everyone should be concerned about their own personal finances.

Mixed feelings about game exclusives aside, I recognize they help draw people to platforms.

Through that lens, I agree in a way that the Switch needs more of them. BUT

I also feel the Switch automatically turns every game into an exclusive in that they can be played anywhere.

What an amazing keynote. Congrats to everyone at Apple that worked to get all of this done at once. Can’t wait to play with all of it and see what we can make. #WWDC19

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Aye where’s the #apple community round these parts? Writers, developers, creators, etc.? I want more peeps and to help boost y’all, especially marginalized groups.


Voice Control is coming to Mac and iOS—control your entire device with just your voice.

Naturally, Apple made another uplifting promo video to show a person in a wheelchair giving their iPhone a bunch of commands like opening apps, finding information, etc.

I feel like Apple has been far out ahead with focusing on Accessibility tech, and I really appreciate it.

Voice Control coming to Mac and iOS. It looks really cool. Should be pretty handy for people that need it.

iPad can be used as a second display and as a tablet (think Wacom) for the Mac.

ITunes dissolved. Sync moved to Finder. New Music, Podcasts, and Apple TV app

Mac Pro starts at $5999 for minimal stuff. Pro Display XDR starts at $4999

New insane Mac Pro. I wish I had whatever money to spend on whatever. I would nerd out so hard on this new Mac Pro

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