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ITunes dissolved. Sync moved to Finder. New Music, Podcasts, and Apple TV app

Mac Pro starts at $5999 for minimal stuff. Pro Display XDR starts at $4999

New insane Mac Pro. I wish I had whatever money to spend on whatever. I would nerd out so hard on this new Mac Pro

I had to step out for lunch real quick, but to recap:

- iPadOS is real
- There's a whole bunch of significant upgrades including to system-level stuff like new gestures for copy/paste, Safari gets desktop-class browsing, etc.
- Apple Pencil will go from 20ms -> 9ms latency.
- Lots, lots more
- Basically everyone throw out your computers because my favorite computer is the best computer now oh yay
(yes of course I'm kidding, keep your computer)


Guys the updates are going faster than I can type. Files updated, Safari update, adding fonts.

Guys I am wetting myself with all these new updates. Home screen is tighter. Multitasking like crazy. Multi window support for one app. Move a modal to a split view.

Lots of CarPlay updates. New dashboard and new apps.

Handoff coming to HomePod! Bring iPhone to HomePod to transfer what you are listening to to the HomePod. Live Radio coming to HomePod. 100K radio stations. Knows who is talking to it.

AirPods will announce messages. Share audio with multiple AirPods.

The new photos app looks amazing. I cannot wait to use it.

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