@chartier Haha Girlfriend Reviews is great. I wish I had some more for you but most of the ones I watch are guys.

Pretty crazy that has released both iPad and iMac updates this week without an event to announce them. They have an event next week. I wonder what they are going to show off?

@Sommer I totally agree. I think the Touch Bar is fascinating and useful. I just wish there was a way to have it besides using the keyboard on the MacBook.

Snow that almost doubles my commute time is no fun. Its insane out there

This is exciting and interesting. It will be neat to see what happens going forward with Daylight Savings Time and the change


Just spent the evening going over old photos on my wife's family's computer. It's been fun to go over all of them with her and see her get excited about these memories

Super useful resource when you’re thinking, “damn what was that dub dub talk where they discussed XYZ?”


I really want to get together a Switch night, but we lack a location to do so. I feel like there should be many options but I can't find any online for the area I am in.

I really like mastodon, and this is a good way for me to get back into it. The trick is finding people to interact with. I have a list of followers from my mastodon.social account, but I really don't know many personally.


A slightly personal instance for myself and close acquaintences