I am officially off of Facebook. I downloaded my data and deleted my account today!

Finished Fates Revelations last night. Finally can say I finished that one. Now I am fully ready for Three Houses on the when It comes out this weekend. 😊 I can't wait

@InfiniteHench I am really tempted to get that game. You have to let us know how it is.

@brunoph I wish I could leave my wallet. There are too many places near me that still don’t accept it.

I am super excited to go on a small getaway with my wife for the weekend for our 6th anniversary

@fribbledom Apple Maps has gotten so much better over the years. Its' all I use now. I actually get more frustrated trying to use Google Maps. There are still some features that AM lacks but it works well 99.9% of the time I use it.

@InfiniteHench if only it were that easy! That means switching to work that may not even pay well. Risky stuff.

@InfiniteHench I feel you. Even if it was something I want to see there are still so many things to do, shows to watch, games to play. There is never enough time to do every thing that someone recommends you to do. You really do need to make sure it's something you will enjoy

I love how Mastodon is 100% functional and contains zero trackers.

It's almost as if you don't need trackers to make a functioning site and any trackers on other sites are wholly unnecessary and should be fought against on every possible level...

I need to bring a long sleeved shirt to work. My arm gets so cold because of the air here ha

Starting up development on my Mastodon app again. I want to finish it off and get it out this time.

Its really funny listening to YouTubers talk about the because they keep omitting features that aren't omitted.

The Lite is the same as the main Switch except the following:

• No TV
• No kickstand
• Controller integrated (not joy con)
• No HD Rumble in integrated controller
• No IR camera in integrated controller

Everything else is the same. Still wifi, still bluetooth, still NFC, all games work if they work in handheld.

I also would like to get my wife one. But I got her (kind of) a normal Switch and I can't get her to play it. She plays games like Candy Crush on her phone all the time, so I am trying to figure out how I can get her to play games on her own.

I really want to get one of these. Having a more portable Switch would be awesome, plus having another Switch in the house for games like Splatoon would be fun.

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