Some pretty awesome birthday presents this year. I’m quite content with my cake too. 😊

So I have been playing Fire Emblem Three Houses with my wife. Or more, she has been playing it while I watch and coach her. Usually I take my Switches with me to work so I can play on the bus or at lunch.

We had this exchange today. 😂

Guys this game is a crazy good time. It's on sale on the eShop for $8.99. We have had a lot of fun playing the 4-player co-op. You fly a round spaceship through space rescuing animals with the power of love 😛 Seriously though its fun. Each person runs a station on the ship (gunner, shield, pilot, etc.) and you have to work together to save the animals.

Check it out!

These shirts look classy and nerdy at the same time. I can’t wait to see them released in North America

Picked up an old for $30 today. Hopefully I can get some games for it, specifically the Pokémon games

Celebrated Elizabeth's birthday yesterday. We had some of my wife's siblings and some other friends. It was a lot of fun. I think she had a good time too.

Going to my wife’s uncle’s wedding! Kids are cute. Elizabeth is cautious though as usual around large crowds


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