Little update, life has been a little nuts over the last 48 hours.

My wife’s grandmother, who is 92, has gotten really sick. She went to the hospital. She is now home but is very sick and probably won’t make it for many more days.

So we dropped everything and rushed down to visit her so we can see her before she passes. It is really hard on my wife.

I am grateful that I know about the gospel of Jesus Christ and that we will be with our families again after this life.


Well she passed away Monday night. She seemed to be in little pain as she passed. I am grateful that she did not suffer much. The funeral services will be held Saturday and Monday.

Such a rough couple of weeks especially for my wife. She was very close to her Grandma and she will miss her quite a bit.

Now we are off to find my wife a new dress for the funeral. She hasn’t gotten anything new for a while so it will be fun to have her shop again.

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@SerenadeXS oh my gosh I’m so sorry I’m glad she had peace when she left

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