It’s π day. Or 🥧 day. Your welcome. 😊

I want to get another vlog up. Life has been so crazy lately. Hopefully this week we can get one up for you all.

‪Had a really fun time with the kids at the park today. And I got to fly my drone for the first time in over a year‬

Some pretty awesome birthday presents this year. I’m quite content with my cake too. 😊

Just realized that my birthday this year is a palindrome. Cool. 😊

Well today we prepare to head down to Cedar City for the funeral. It has been a hectic week and a half

Now we are off to find my wife a new dress for the funeral. She hasn’t gotten anything new for a while so it will be fun to have her shop again.

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Well she passed away Monday night. She seemed to be in little pain as she passed. I am grateful that she did not suffer much. The funeral services will be held Saturday and Monday.

Such a rough couple of weeks especially for my wife. She was very close to her Grandma and she will miss her quite a bit.

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Little update, life has been a little nuts over the last 48 hours.

My wife’s grandmother, who is 92, has gotten really sick. She went to the hospital. She is now home but is very sick and probably won’t make it for many more days.

So we dropped everything and rushed down to visit her so we can see her before she passes. It is really hard on my wife.

I am grateful that I know about the gospel of Jesus Christ and that we will be with our families again after this life.

I had to reinstall everything on my Mac this morning. It was giving me some weird problems and I always like a clean house. So I have spent the morning getting everything set up again.

Final thoughts on Mastodon, it is what I make of it. I can't use it as a consumption platform, no one I know is on it yet. But I can create and add to the community.

In other news I am going to Italy in the next 3 months (end of April). I haven't been back to Italy since I came home from my mission in 2010. So I am stoked to be going. My wife and my parents will be going with me and we will be there for two weeks. It is very exciting.

Family update: Kids are good and healthy. We went through a phase of hand foot and mouth disease (so we were all quarantined to the house). That lasted about a week.

Things are good now though. I am back at work, and my wife is home with the kids playing with them and teaching them where she can. She is awesome.

Video game playing update for you. I started another play through of Hollow Knight in Italian which has been fun. I got about as far as I did in my first play through.

I have yet to beat the true ending, Grimm, or any of the Godmaster stuff. That is my next goal. I am trying to beat Grimm right now.

Basically I need to find a reason to post here. I don't really know anyone on Mastodon, save a few people, and they barely talk to me.

I am thinking I may just use this platform as a quick update to my life thing. Like a mini public diary. I think that is what you are supposed to use Mastodon for anyway haha

Finally got a new vlog up!! It's our trip up to Salt Lake to see the lights at Temple Square and boy was it a doozy. Give it a watch and please like, comment, subscribe, etc.!

I have sorely missed mastodon. It is good to be back on here

HEY!!!! I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving weekend!

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